நதிகள் (Rivers)

சித்ரா நதி (Chittar River)

Chittar River is strating from courtallam

The Chittar meaning little river or Chitranathi meaning beautiful river is a nature's invaluable gift.It is the river which causes a set of splendid cascades in Courtalam and its suburbs, and international cynosure often compared to the famous Spa falls of Belgium for its curative value. It is a major tributary of the river Tamiraparani. The river takes its origin in the eastern slopes of the Western Ghats in the Courtalam hills, called Tirikoodam in literature, at an altitude of 1750m. above MSL. From its origin, the river climbs down for about six km. turns north and flows for about 16 km. before turning towards the east. Its total length is about 80 km. It joins the river Tamiraparani near Sivalapperi village of Tirunelveli Taluk.

அனுமன் நதி (Hanumanathi)

It is a tributary of the Chittar river. It rises at an altitute of 1650m. above Courtalam in Tenkasi taluk, traverses in the slopes about 10km. receives Karuppanathi, its tributary, then it flows and merges with Chittar in this village. The anaicuts built across the river, are Mettukal anaicut, Karisalkulam anaicut, Panpoli anaicut, Vallalkulam anaicut, Elathoor anaicut, Nainaragavan anaicut, Pungamkal anaicut and Kambli anaicut .

அணைகள் (Dams)

மானுர் அணைக்கட்டு (Maanur Dam)

வீராணம் அணைக்கட்டு (Veeranam Dam)



கோவில் குளம்(Kovil Kulam)

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